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Daddy Long Legs Hotel, South Africa November 30, 2010

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Staying at the Daddy Long Legs Hotel in South Africa is like being part of an interactive art exhibition – and that’s exactly what the hotel believes many travelers are looking for. “They are independent, creative, forward thinking travellers….. who don’t want to stay in another regular hotel room in another regular city on another regular holiday.” No danger of that happening here.

The hotel has 13 rooms designed by 13 artists, each with their own creative theme. The Emergency Room resembles a blood-drenched hospital suite with an IV stand and a nurse’s uniform hanging on the wall, but it’s anything but sterile (and doesn’t smell like a hospital, so they say.) Graffiti artist Mak1One designed a highly unusual 3D wall sculpture above the bed in the ‘Being Mak1One’ room, and in ‘The Photo Booth’, 240 images by Antony Smyth create one large portrait.

I wonder, would there be any reviews on Bookit.com Reviews for Daddy Long Legs?  hmmm


This is Pionen

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Its a high-security data center run by one of Sweden’s largest ISPs, Bahnhof. Located in an old nuclear bunker deep below the bedrock of Stockholm city, its one of the coolest data centers you can work in.  It uses German submarine engines for backup power and has 1.5 megawatt of cooling for the servers. Of course the work environment is very cool with simulated daylight and greenhouses, waterfalls and a huge 2600-liter salt water fish tank!

Originally a military bunker and nuclear shelter during the Cold War era. The facility still has the code name from its military days: Pionen White Mountains. It is located in central Stockholm below 30 meters (almost 100 ft) of bedrock and can withstand a hydrogen bomb.  So when you are booking your next Bookit.com Flights to Sweden, make sure to add Pionen to your itinerary.

In my opinion, it looks like the Batcave.  Or possibly one of Dr. Evil’s lairs.





Dekotora: Japanese for Ridiculously Decorated Trucks

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The Dekotora or Decotora an abbreviation for “Decoration Truck”, is a kind of loud and flashy decorated truck most commonly found in Japan. Dekotora commonly have neon or ultraviolet lights, extravagant paints, and shiny stainless or golden exterior parts. These decorations can be found on both the cab and the trailer, and not only on the exterior but also in the interior.

The Dekotora tradition started in 1975 when the first of a series of 10 movies called Truck guys was released. The movie featured a protagonist costumed trucker who drove his insanely decorated truck all over Japan. The movie was a big hit with both old and young, and caused a wave of Dekotora popularity to sweep the country. While Dekotoras were present throughout the 1970s, before the movie they were restricted to the north-eastern fishing transport trucks.

I keep visualizing a Japanese Smokey and The Bandit…  And odd scene.  But I bet if you asked Bookit.com Vacations you could get a tour of the Dekotora included in your package.  It would be an amusing experience.


dekotora (3)dekotora (2)


Evercellgreentower November 29, 2010

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Next time you fly, look for a tree of this variety.

cell-phone-trees (4)

It is the Evercellgreentower.  A new species crafted by the engineers over at Bell Communications.

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This is NOT what Canada looks like

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ice storm photos 4 Ice, shes one cold hearted b^$*# (30 Photos)ice storm photos 7 Ice, shes one cold hearted b^$*# (30 Photos)

ice storm photos 16 Ice, shes one cold hearted b^$*# (30 Photos)ice storm photos 18 Ice, shes one cold hearted b^$*# (30 Photos)

Picture it: you are watching the ripples on a blue-green ocean as the gentle sensation of rocking lulls you into a state of perpetual relaxation.  An attentive steward brings you a fresh martini and you think to yourself  “I am so glad I got out of that freezer back home and clicked on over to Bookit.com Cruises! I could be shivering in 6 sweaters trying to heat coffee over a candle right now.  Muwahahaha…!”


The beaches help make up for the smog…

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The Best Beaches in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city with an abundant number of beaches, each of which has its positives and negatives. Various beaches are famous for different reasons and attract crowds with specific interests. With the array of types of beaches to be found and the various activities that are enjoyed at each location, the best beaches actually fall into several different categories, largely determined by common use.




The Best Beaches for Sand and Water Sports

Manhattan Beach – A historic hangout for the Beach Boys in their early years, this urban beach is attracts a range of visitors with unique interests. It is a great place to spend a quiet afternoon and people watch.

It is also purported to be the birthplace of beach volleyball and the location of one of the world’s most cut-throat competitions in the sport, the Manhattan Beach Open Volleyball Championships held each August.

Many visitors and Los Angeles residents consider Manhattan Beach to be among the best surfing locations within the city limits as well. It is the site of an annual Surf Festival held each August.

There are many other activities to keep you busy at Manhattan Beach, including swimming, fishing from the pier, and walking or biking along developed paths. There is an aquarium on the pier and the beach is also home to a sandcastle building contest each August.

Zuma Beach – Located 20 miles south of Los Angeles, this beach is a huge spot for surfers and one that real enthusiasts find well worth the drive. The beach is also considered one of the best spots for body-surfing and boogie-boarding.  Fishing and swimming are common activities for visitors and Zuma Beach also has several beach volleyball courts and walking paths. The site is also a prime location for whale watching in the winter months.





The Best Beaches for Kids

Redondo Beach – With a variety of activities to keep the youngsters entertained, Redondo Beach is considered one of the best in the Los Angeles area for kids. This urban beach is the site of a seaside community by the same name and one of the many State Beaches in California. It is bustling with activity on the weekend due to is convenient location and especially busy in the summer months.  Even with the high number of visitors, Redondo Beach has a great deal to offer for families looking for fun in the sun. Poor surfing conditions make this an excellent beach for swimmers.  There are paved paths along the beach for roller skating, skateboarding and bike riding. The pier is full of various activities and vendors, and a weekly farmers’ market is held each Thursday in Veterans Park just above the beach.

Santa Monica Beach – One of the most famous beaches in the Los Angeles area. Just a short drive from L.A., it’s a perfect place to spend the entire day with the family. The beach runs north of the Santa Monica Pier which is home to the Pacific Park Amusement Park.  The beach itself includes bike baths, walking paths and seven volleyball courts. Swimming and surfing are also popular, as is fishing from the pier.





The Best Getaway Beaches

Paradise Cove – A smaller, more secluded beach a short drive south of L.A., Paradise Cove offers an old-time beach experience. While this traditional beach is privately owned and a small admittance fee is required, it’s a perfect place to spend a day away from the touristy crowds.

Swimming, tide pooling, bodysurfing and beach volleyball are available. The beach is home to a restaurant as well.

Dockweiler Beach – Rarely crowded in spite of its convenient location, Dockweiler Beach is a three-mile stretch of L.A. coastline not surrounded by houses or other buildings.

The beach is the only place in Los Angeles County where you can still have a bonfire. It offers bike and walking paths, bicycle and skate rental, surfing, swimming, beach volleyball and hand gliding lessons.

The Best Social Beach

Venice Beach – Both an oceanfront community and a beach, Venice is among the most famous of the area’s beaches and a quirky hot spot for local residents and tourists alike. This sandy beach offers all the usually trappings, including bike and walking paths, surfing, swimming and beach volleyball.

The beachfront is a bustling center for all sorts of activities. Artists, vendors, restaurants and musicians line the walkways and streets along the beachfront every day, with weekends being even busier, especially in the summer. It’s a great spot for people watching in addition to a fun afternoon in the sun.

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Painless Parker November 26, 2010

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Edgar Parker opened his dental practice in 1892 and found business was not that great. So he took his practice on the road and became Painless Parker, “the P.T. Barnum of dentistry.” If the idea of dentistry as entertainment sounds odd, remember that folks were eager for odd entertainnment. With the help of a cocaine solution he called “hydrocaine”, Parker pulled tooth after tooth in town after town for only 50 cents each. “Painless Parker’s Dental Circus” built his business to the point that when he died in 1952, he owned 30 dental clinics and employed 75 dentists. When Parker, who legally changed his named to Painless, performed his public extractions, he wore a necklace made of teeth he had pulled. He eventually collected a large bucket of human teeth, which is on display at Temple University’s dental museum.


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