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Website Hosting – What Hosts Are Good? January 28, 2011

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I found a great site that provides a run-down of good hosting providers including free providers. The site is definitely worth checking out if you require a good host and don’t know who to turn to for that.


hosting image


Go to the website hosting review page and see their entire list complete with links.


– Tino


Instructions FAIL January 14, 2011

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Here is the kind of graphic to avoid if you’re looking to impart clear instructions to the reader!

epic fail photos - Instructions FAIL

Submitted by: Unknown

Instructions FAIL


Don’t be caught out having a website that uses substandard visual communication and poor navigation. MoonRiseDesign.com is a web design company that puts together successful websites  which fulfill the needs of their clients. Check them out!


Ever Wonder Why Your Printer Cartridges Don’t Work Properly? January 7, 2011

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This could be one reason:

printer cat toy

When you find cat hair in your ink cartridges you can always order more online from www.eezytrade.co.uk. After all, what’s more important, keeping your kitten entertained or printing out some cheesy PowerPoint presentation? Smile


Make Your Own Office Stationery Darts and Combat Workplace Boredom January 6, 2011

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Also, terrorize your co-workers, an added bonus.Winking smile


Office Stationery Darts

How to make some simple little darts out of household or office stationery

Office Stationery Dartsi


step 1 ~ Materials

Materials needed:
-Press tacks
-Paper clips
-Elastic bands
-3″ by 3″ sticky notes
-Card board



step 2 ~ Attaching the clips

Hold the clips around the tack with one hand, and wrap around the elastic band with the other to keep it in place. This is the hardest part, and if you struggle at first try attaching one at a time (although you will need more bands to do this).

Attaching the clips

100_0798.JPG100_0800.JPGClose up 2.JPG


step 3 ~ Making the flights

Fold the sticky note in half to make a rectangle, then unfold again. Then fold in half to make a triangle, then unfold again. Then fold into a triangle once more the other way. These are the base folds. Fold in half along the first base fold (into a rectangle). Next, take one of the the top corners (one that’s folded) and pull down into the middle, then repeat on the other side. Even out the sides. Its very simple to do, but it is hard to demonstrate in the form of text. Luckily, I can provide a picture.

Making the flights

visit instuctables.com to see the final step here

I guess if you wanted to get funky you could use some of your personalized stationery your even your office letterhead to create that extra special dart and wow your co-workers.

My friend Michele pointed this tutorial out to me ~ Tino Smile


The “Here We Go Again” New Years Resolution

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This year like every year I’ve decided to try to lose weight. Every January I start a new diet regimen to get of the 15-20 pounds that I put on from Fall to Christmas. This year is no different and I’m back to eating a lot of salads and drinking a lot of water. Gone are those lovely lattes and mochas that I like to consume this time of year. Sad smile


Things are a little different this year because I’ve found a place that can do Ultra-Trim body wraps and  give me back that toned look that I lack during the Winter months. Here is a description of what one of these body wraps consists of:

“The Ultra-Trim Wrap is our powerful double body wrap performed back-to-back in the same visit.
Your first wrap will consist of being wrapped lightly with bandages soaked in our Infinity solution, you’ll remain in this wrap for 45 minutes, getting the solution reapplied every 20 minutes.

After unwrapping, a fresh set of bandages with a new solution will be used to begin another wrap. You can select any one of the 3 solutions for your second wrap. This wrap can stay on anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. Reapplication of solution will occur every 15 to 20 minutes. Then you’ll be unwrapped and re-measured.

The Ultra-Trim is a great choice for those with hard or solid fat, or those that want to achieve dramatic results for a special occasion.”


I can’t wait to treat myself to this after I lose 10-15 pounds. You need an occasional reward to keep yourself going to the gym and depriving yourself of all yummy goodies available this time of year.


~ Ti


Use the WOW Leveling Guide to transform Your Gaming Experience

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If you’re frustrated with your progress in World of Warcraft there is a great cheat available. It’s the WOW Leveling guide. Using the guide you can move up through the levels faster if you find that you get stuck at certain points in the game.


If you’re tired of wasting time following the wrong path to level 85, this is for you.

  • If you’re poor and wish to learn how to earn over 500g/hour, this is for you.
  • If you have no idea on how earn reputation and complete daily quest, this is for you.
  • If you have no idea on how complete events and gain easy achievements, this is for you.

Here is what someone has to say about the wow leveling guide:



I’ve found this to be a great help when I just want to have a bit of fun gaming and I want to overcome the frustration of not moving forward in the game. ~ Tino


50 Fun Things to do in Atlanta

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reblogged from atlanta.net/50fun/


Alliance Theatre
Alliance Theatre
Part of the Woodruff Arts Center, the Alliance Theatre is one of the largest regional theaters in the nation. Serving a diverse audience, the Alliance has produced more than 50 world premieres bringing the world’s best talents to Atlanta.


Atlanta Botanical Garden
Atlanta Botanical Garden
With more than 30 acres of gardens, forest, wildflower trails, and a 10,000 square-foot Fuqua Orchid Center, the Atlanta Botanical Garden is one of Atlanta’s most beautiful attractions. The Canopy Walk, a 40-foot high suspension bridge creating a treetop walking trail is the garden’s latest addition. Visitors will also enjoy the Edible Garden Outdoor Kitchen and soothing sanctuary of the Cascades Garden.


Atlanta Braves 
Atlanta Braves and Turner Field
The Atlanta Braves play from April through September at Turner Field. The Braves Museum and Hall of Fame features more than 600 Braves artifacts and photographs that trace the team’s history from its 1871 beginnings in Boston to Atlanta.


Little Five Points
Atlanta’s Eclectic Neighborhoods
Little Five Points is Atlanta’s bohemian hangout and home to a rich mix of art, theater, and shopping. 7 Stages Theatre, Dad’s Garage, and the Horizon Theatre are must-sees! Virginia-Highland features hip boutiques while East Atlanta Village is filled with homegrown restaurants and gastropubs. The historic district of Cabbagetown proudly boasts impressive architectural restorations.


Atlanta Falcons
Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome
The Atlanta Falcons kick off the official season each September. The Georgia Dome has hosted numerous events including: the 1996 Summer Olympics, two Super Bowls, the annual Chick-fil-A Bowl and the 2007 NCAA Men’s Final Four.


Atlanta Hawks
Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Thrashers and Atlanta Dream at Philips Arena
Philips Arena is home to the NBA Atlanta Hawks, the NHL Atlanta Thrashers, and the WNBA Atlanta Dream, as well as world-class concerts and events.


Michael C. Carlos Museum
Atlanta Higher Education Centers Score an A+ in Culture!
Globally-known performers are hosted at The Robert Ferst Center at Georgia Tech and Georgia State’s Rialto Center for the Performing Arts, while the Miriam H. and John A. Conant Center at Oglethorpe University serves as the permanent home to the Georgia Shakespeare Festival. Art collections featuring many centuries of works are found throughout the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory, the Oglethorpe University Museum of Art and the GSU School of Arts and Design Gallery. The Savannah College of Art & Design’s (SCAD) Atlanta Campus offers ongoing art exhibitions at its gallery, located at the Woodruff Arts Center. SCAD also restored the historic Peters House into Ivy Hall, which now hosts cultural events. Atlanta University Center’s Clark Atlanta University Art Gallery and Spelman College Museum of Fine Art present exciting works by nationally acclaimed artists, as well.


Atlanta History Center
Atlanta History Center
The Atlanta History Center features 32 acres of gardens, wildlife trails and woodland areas. The complex includes the 1840s Tullie Smith Farm and the fully restored 1928 Swan House mansion. The museum offers exhibitions on the Civil War, African-American heritage and Southern folk art, with a wing dedicated to the 1996 Olympic Games.


Atlanta Motor Sports
Atlanta Motor Sports
Road Atlanta in Braselton is a 2.5-mile track hosting the Petit Le Mans, plus sports car, vintage, motorcycle, and go-cart races from March through November. Gear up in your racing suit and head to Andretti Indoor Karting & Games where you can slip behind the wheel of SuperKart and speed away on one of the two new Andretti-designed indoor tracks.


Atlanta Ballet
Atlanta Opera and the Atlanta Ballet
The Atlanta Opera offers four main stage productions seasonally, in addition to pre-Opera lectures, student matinees and more. Atlanta Ballet is the oldest professional dance company in America. Performances combine contemporary and traditional with classic ballets and new choreography. Both companies perform at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre.


Atlantic Station
Atlantic Station
Great boutiques, sidewalk cafes and hip restaurants reign at Atlantic Station, designed to feel like a city within a city. Free shuttles are available from the Arts Center MARTA Station. The Millennium Gate showcases world-class architecture, art and history in an intimate gallery setting and beautiful grounds.

See the other 40 fun things that you can do in Atlanta here

(More reasons to consider investing in atlanta real estate)


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