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Happy Saint Valentine’s Day! February 10, 2011

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In all these years even Cosmo hasn’t come up with this (it will be worth the wait when they do though).


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Anti-Theft Placement FAIL February 2, 2011

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Someone sure needed to get more sleep the night before, wouldn’t you say? – T



epic fail photos - Anti-Theft Placement FAIL


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Anti-Theft Placement FAIL

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Website Hosting – What Hosts Are Good? January 28, 2011

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Instructions FAIL January 14, 2011

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Here is the kind of graphic to avoid if you’re looking to impart clear instructions to the reader!

epic fail photos - Instructions FAIL

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Instructions FAIL


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The Electronic Cigarette: a Brilliant or Goofy Idea? January 5, 2011

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When I first heard that electronic cigarettes had come on to the market I thought that it was the silliest thing that I had ever heard. After checking out the product however, I can see how this could be a great way for smokers to satisfy their addiction without all of the health risks involved with traditional cigarettes. Over the past few years regular cigarettes have been banned from restaurants, bars, casinos and other public places. It seems like every month a new state or province announces a smoking ban of some sort. 

The electronic cigarette feels, tastes and looks like a cigarette or cigar, but has a reduced health risk for the smoker and doesn’t produce second-hand smoke. The gadget uses a small rechargeable battery and a replaceable cartridge that contains water, nicotine, propylene glycol and a scent that is similar to tobacco. While smoking, a vapor is released which is harmless and evaporates quickly. Smoking has many negative impacts on people that smoke and people that surround them. One bonus feature of electronic cigarettes is that due to the fact that they are flameless there are no stubs or ash to deal with and no associated fire hazard. This could be a relief to those with the habit of smoking in bed or that tend to smoke during hot summers at campgrounds or in wilderness areas. Not doubt many forest fires can be averted just by making the switch to this new product.


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